Pagaré is the simplest, fastest and most secure way to add contactless payments to your Pebble smartwatch.

Step 1

To attach Pagaré to your current Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel or Pebble Time Round smartwatch, simply remove the existing straps using the quick-release pins, place the watch head over the back-plate and reconnect the pins. Pagaré can easily be installed in under 30 seconds.

Step 2

Manage your cards with ease using the companion timeline app. Add new cards, enable or disable existing cards, delete cards, set a card to be the default whenever you pay, view your purchase history, and more!

Step 3

To prevent unauthorized transactions, Pagaré requires a PIN when you first put your watch on. is on your wrist; Take your watch off and it's unusable for payments until you put it back on and re-authenticate.

Step 4

Keep an eye out for the contactless symbol at the point of sale, launch the Pagaré app, hold your wrist near the terminal to pay, and your transaction is complete!

Pagaré for
Pebble Time
Pagaré for
Pebble Time Steel
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